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  • statisticien
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  • Industrie pharmaceutique / Biotechnologies
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  • Formation

    - Université Paul
    Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse , France

    - De 1994 à 1997 Université Paul
    ); Degree, November 1997 Ph.D. in Statistics Distinction: Very honourable with congratulation of the jury. Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse , France

    - En 1994 Université de Limoges D.E.A.
    D.E.A. ( Master of Science) in Applied Mathematics , June Distinction: Upper Second Class Honours Université de Limoges , France

    - En 1993 Université de Dakar Maitrise
    Maitrise (B. SC Honours) in Applied Mathematics , June Distinction: Upper Second Class Honours Université de Dakar , Senegal

    - En 1992
    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics , June Distinction: First Second Class Honours COMPUTER SKILLS AND OFFICE MACHINES Ms-Dos , Unix, Windows , SPSS , SPLUS, SAS, MATLAB MAPLE, McSim, MapInfo , XPLORE, Excel , Latex , MikTex, Word , WinEdt, ScWorkPlace, SmartDraw, PowerPoint KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGES French: Read, write and understand easily, speak fluently English: Read, write and understand easily, speak fluently Ouloff: Mother tongue PUBLICATIONS

    - En 1996
    ) Testing convexity. in Computational Statistics, Physica Verlag.

    - En 1998
    ) Diversité démographique en Midi -Pyrénéé. 6 Pages de L'INSEE (with Y. Aragon , M. Johnson, E. Malin, A. Ruiz-Gazen, C. Thomas-Agnan)

    - En 1998
    ) A Nonparametric Test of the Non-Convexity of Regression. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics vol.9, pp.335-362.(with C. Thomas) 615-618. (with H. Cardot)

    - En 1999
    ) Testing convexity via cubic splines. Proceedings of the Eleventh European Young Statistician Meeting, INRA, pp. 41-47.

    - En 2000
    ) Sur la convergence des tests de Schlee et Yatchew. The Canadian Journal of Statistic, vol 28, N.3, pp. 653-668.

    - En 2001
    ) A central limit Theorem for The L2 norm of regression estimators under et-mixing : application to goodness- of -fit tests. In the book Goodness of fit and model validation, Birkhauser Boston , pp. 171-182

    - En 2001
    )Testing the shape of a regression curve. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris , Series I - Mathematics 333 (7) pp. 677-680

    - En 2005
    ) Uncertainty Analysis: The Bayesian Approach (Invited paper) Wiley Book Recent Advance in Quantitative Methods for Cancer and Human health Risk Assessment. Eds. Edler et Kitsos (with Frédéric Bois )

    - En 2005
    ) Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic models for categorical toxicity data Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (with Frédéric Bois )

    - En 2005
    ) AUC versus Cmax in PK/PD models for inhaled toxic chemicals to appear in Journal of Risk Research (with Frédéric Bois )

    - En 2005
    ) Uncertainty Analysis in Risk Assessment to appear in the forum section of Toxicological Sciences on The Use of (Q)SARs in Weight of Evidence Approaches for Hazard Assessment SUBMITTED PAPERS (under revision)

    - En 2004
    ) Blending of functions over contiguous regions (with Ron Bates and Henry Wynn ) PAPERS IN PREPARATION

    - En 2005
    )Statistical modelling and risk in supply chain management (with Henry Wynn ).

    - En 2005
    ) A survival compartment-effect model for mortality data (with Frédéric Bois )

    - En 2005
    ) Assessing the effect of caffeine in premature neonates via a non-homogeneous Poisson process (with Sandrine Micallef )

    - En 2005
    ) Uncertainty analysis for relative potency estimates of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (with Magali Boize ) TECHNICAL REPORTS

    - En 1996
    ) Relations entre indices macro- économiques et répartition des revenus dans les communes de MIdi-Pyrénées . Rapport technique du GREMAQ (with Y. Aragon , M. Johnson, E. Malin, A. Ruiz-Gazen, C. Thomas-Agnan)

    - En 2001
    ) Measures of deviations for non-parametric tests of regression. EURANDOM Technical report

    - En 2001
    ) Model Checks for regression under et-mixing. EURANDOM Technical report

    - En 2004
    ) Dose-response models for categorical toxicity data. Technical Guidance Document on Acute Exposure Threshold Levels. Report for European Commission PRESENTATIONS

    - En 2005
    1. Invited talk "Statistics and Bio-electromagnetism" Cost 281 workshop in Tronhdheim, Norway, 5th October

    November 2004 2. Communication at SRA-E "Dose-response analysis of categorical toxicity data" Paris 3. Invited talk, International Workshop on Goodness- of -fit Tests and Validity of Models. May 2000 , the 29, 30 and 31st, Paris . 4. Invited talk "Measures of deviation for nonparametric tests of regression." December 08, 1999 , Delft University, The Netherlands . 5. Invited talk "Measures of deviation for nonparametric tests of regression." November 09, 1999 , CWI, Amsterdam . 6. Invited 25-minutes talk, the conference of Young European Statisticians and Probabilistic , August, 24 - 28, 1998 , Marly Le Roy ( Paris ) 7. Communication aux XXXe Journées de Statistique (Congres of the A.S.U.), " Un test de monotonie pour une fonction de régression " from 25 to 29 May 1998 , Rennes ( France ) 8. Invited talk, "On the convexity test", May 11, 1998 , Weierstrass-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik, Berlin , Germany 10. Invited talk, "A non-parametric test of the convexity", November 3, 1997 , Seminaire de statistique semi-paramétrique et non-paramétrique du CREST , Paris , France 11. Communication aux XXIXe Journées de Statistique (Congres of the A.S.U.), "Sur les tests de convexité d'une fonction de régression'' from 26 to 30 May 1997 , Carcasonne ( France ) 12. Communication to COMPSTAT 1996 , the XII biannual Symposium in Computational Statistics, "Testing convexity'' from 26 to 30 August 1996 , Barcelone, Espagne

    Expérience professionnelle

    - En mars 2003 [Consultant and Senior] CDI
    Present: Senior Bio-Statistician, INERIS ( Institut National de l'Environnement et des Risques Industriels) . Member of the Unit of Experimental toxicology . Direct or Involve in several projects on statistical modelling and data analysis (Medical imaging and PBPK modelling, Dose-response modelling, modelling postgenomic data, statistics in bioelectromagnetism, etc.). My role in general includes analysing large data sets, cleaning and preparing data, building models and software, managing staffs, writing project proposals. . Work package leader of the European Community project ACUTEX (Methodology to develop EU Acute exposure threshold limits) -Development of biologically driven dose-response models (PK/PD, Survival) -Development of statistical software tools July 2001 -February 2003 : Consultant and Senior Research Fellow, University of Warwick , United Kingdom . Member of the Risk Initiative and Statistical Consultancy Unit (RISCU) of the Department of Statistics of Warwick . Work Package leader of the European Community project ONE (Optimisation methodology for Networked Enterprises) - Risk assessment for supply chain - Data mining (for supply chain) - Risk project planning (assessing the success of ONE) . Work Package leader of the European Community project TNEE (Thematic Network on Extended Enterprise) - Risk assessment - Data mining October 2000 - June 2001 : Assistant Professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. . Teaching algebra and calculus for undergraduate students

    - De 1998 à 2000 CDI
    Research Fellow, EURANDOM, Technical University of Eindhoven , The Netherlands . Member of the unit Statistical inference in Complex Statistical Models - Inverse problem in statistics - Nonparametric statistics - Bayesian statistics February-May 1998 : Research Guest of SFB, Humboldt -University, Berlin , Germany

    - De 1995 à 1998 CDI
    A.T.E.R. (Teaching Assistantship), GREMAQ, Université de Toulouse I, France . Teaching: - Time series for D.E.S.S. ( Master ) of econometrics (practical: in front of the computer) and for the fourth year econometrics students (theoretical) - Mathematical statistics for undergraduate students (theoretical) Probability theory and Multiple linear models for the third year econometrics students (theoretical and in front of the computer) . Research: PhD in Non-parametric statistics.

    - De 1996 à 1998 CDI
    System Analyst, GREMAQ, Université de Toulouse I, France -Matlab codes for spatial statistics available at: RESEARCH INTERESTS . Data-mining . Biological models (PBPK, PK/PD, etc.) . Bayesian statistics, nonparametric modelling . Risk analysis


    Connaissances informatiques
      - MS-DOS
    - EXCEL
    - LATEX
    - WORD



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